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Press brake services in Somerset, UK

Expert Press Brake Services that Align with Your Needs

Precise, quality bends – for sheet metal perfection

Increased flexibility with the AMADA HRB1703 press brake

Bending capabilities of up to 3m length and 170 tons

Fast turnarounds with accurate results

Accurate & efficient bending solutions for your sheet metal projects

We believe in providing comprehensive sheet metal manufacturing solutions across the UK – which now include press brake services.

At WestCountry Profiles, our press brake services are designed to meet your exact requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient results. Through a combination of our advanced AMADA EU HRB1703 press brake machine, and our commitment to quality assurance, we provide exceptional bending services to enhance your sheet metal projects.

Elevating industry standards with cutting-edge machinery

At WestCountry Profiles, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of technology and industry standards.

Our investment in advanced machinery, including the AMADA HRB1703 press brake, ensures that we consistently meet global benchmarks for quality and precision.

Thanks to our commitment to modern machinery, we can provide our UK clients with only the best results – whether it’s laser cutting, waterjet cutting, or press brake services.

Craftsmanship you can rely on throughout your project

Our press brake services aren’t just about the machinery; they’re also a testament to the skills of our expert press brake operators.

These highly skilled professionals bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring a level of craftsmanship you won’t find elsewhere.

Whether you have a small-scale sheet metal project or a larger fabrication task, our operators adapt their skills to meet your unique needs.

Seamless fabrication with comprehensive services

At WestCountry Profiles, we understand that sheet metal projects often require a combination of services. That’s why our expert press brake team can seamlessly integrate their skills with other services, like laser cutting and waterjet cutting.

This flexibility allows us to meet more of your sheet metal manufacturing needs – all under one roof.

The only UK press brake service provider you’ll ever need.

We’ve helped clients across the UK turn their sheet metal vision into a reality.

“Atom fabs faced a challenging task in creating a new tooling trolley for a customer in the food industry. Despite the tight deadlines and high expectations, West Country Profiles played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this project.

Their prompt response with a competitive quotation and the quick delivery of the required materials were instrumental in allowing Atom to meet their commitments. Atom’s ability to efficiently fold, fabricate, and deliver the trolley to the customer before the specified deadline showcases their dedication and proficiency in managing such projects.

Collaborations like this, where suppliers like West Country Profiles deliver quality materials swiftly, and manufacturers like Atom fabs execute with precision, are essential for meeting demanding industry standards and client expectations. Such successful partnerships contribute significantly to the overall success of projects within stringent timeframes.”


Atom Fabs


What type of tolerances can I expect from your press brake machinery?
Our press brake services are known for their precision. We can achieve tight tolerances to meet your project’s exact specifications – just reach out to our team to discuss your requirements.
Can you accommodate both small-scale and large-scale sheet metal projects?
We can! We can adapt our press brake services to projects of all sizes. Whether you have a small custom project or a larger production run, our capabilities and skilled operators can meet your needs efficiently.
How can press brake services complement other services you offer?
Our press brake services can seamlessly integrate with our laser cutting and waterjet cutting services, allowing you to create comprehensive solutions for your projects.

Simply get in touch to find out how we can accommodate your unique needs.

What sets WestCountry Profiles' press brake services apart?
WestCountry Profiles is committed to quality, precision, and environmentally-friendly practices.

Our press brake services, like our other offerings, generate minimal waste, and where possible, we prioritise energy efficiency.

Looking for affordable & reliable UK press brake services?

We offer a straightforward process for advanced results.

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